Are Idle Games Addictive?

Idle, clicker, or incremental games have quickly become some of the most dominant ones in the world recently. Thus, many players started to admit that they got addicted to them for one reason. They say they love playing idle games so much that they simply cannot stop. So, are online idle games really so addictive? Let us figure it out!

What are idle games?

Have you ever heard about idle games? These are so-called clicking games where a player should do simple and cyclic tasks over and over again. As a result, a gamer gets rewards that can be later used to improve the mechanics of the game. Therefore, a gamer`s brain quickly gets accustomed to such repetitive actions and starts to require them again and again. When a person plays idle games, he/she gets the feeling of having more and more power while purchasing upgrades. It is such a satisfying feeling that one cannot stop playing this category of games.

Why are idle games considered addictive?

The main purpose of idle games is quite simple. A gamer should get all the necessary tools to conquer the whole world. These can be extra experience points, more gaming coins, or the ability to purchase the best guns or swords. It means that while playing idle games, you start to feel like the most powerful creature on the earth.

Therefore, creators of idle games do their best to make gamers never stop playing. They constantly invent new features that should be necessarily upgraded to keep players interested. As a result, players cannot work or study successfully. They lose their appetite and simply cannot sleep until they upgrade their gaming status to another level. They become nervous and unrestrained. Such gamers often start to use drugs and alcohol to calm themselves down.

That is why idle games are considered so addictive. Of course, not everyone who plays idle games can find themselves in the risk group. Medical statistics show that there are only 3% of such cases. However, this is already considered a fairly high parameter. Nevertheless, if you have a healthy mind, no gambling addiction threatens you.

Popular titles of addictive idle games

Millions of people worldwide daily play thousands of idle games. They really enjoy them and never think of the possibility of any addiction. We have selected the top 10 idle games for you to play if you have some time to spare. These are:

  • Cookie clicker
  • AdVenture Capitalist
  • Enchanted Heroes
  • Clicker Heroes
  • Tap Tycoon
  • AFK Arena
  • Bit City
  • Doge Miner
  • Idle Breakout
  • Cow Clicker


So, peeps, are idle games addictive? They are definitely as addictive as any other computer games. So, never play more than an hour per day. Try not to get caught in the cunning spider webs that the developers of idle games have set up for you. In this way, you can be sure that you will never have any gambling addiction. Just play responsibly, enjoy idle games, and everything will be great! Good luck!