Who Made the First Flash Game

Disputes about the creation of flash games have been actively conducted since the early 2000s. Everyone involved in the discovery of such a popular type of online leisure is always challenging the primacy in their creation. Now, it is quite difficult to determine who the author of the first flash game was and when exactly it was launched for the mass consumer. Let's try to understand this issue in more detail.

First flash games

Flash games are so named because they are developed using the Macromedia Flash platform in the Action Script programming language. With the release of Macromedia Flash 3.0 in May 1998, a real revolution in the gaming world took place. Since that time, there was no need to be a programmer or have specific knowledge to create light animated games. It was from this version that the first real flash games began to appear.

Who created the first flash game?

Despite years of controversy, Newgrounds is considered to be the first website with flash games. For the first time, users got a chance to publish their games and download gaming products created by others. People who research the history of video games say that Earth 2025 is considered one of the first exactly known flash games. It was released in the middle of 1995.

Tom Fulp, the founder of and one of the founders of The Behemoth, is considered the creator of the first flash game. Its title is not known today. Tom Fulp is now considered a man who changed the online gaming world forever. On his Newgrounds portal, Fulp allows creators from all countries to share their gaming products with a million audiences worldwide.

Tom Fulp was born in 1978 in Pennsylvania, the USA. In 1995, he launched a New Ground Remix website, which later turned into the first online platform for flash games, It was there that he began to publish his first comps for the first time.

At the beginning of 1999, Fulp used Shockwave Flash 3 to create his prominent games Pico's School and Nene's Interactive Suicide. At that time, these were the most sophisticated flash games. It happened before the initial launch of the ActionScript scripting language, which was later widely used for the creation of thousands of popular flash games.

Later, the group of developers, including Tom Fulp, created such flash game masterpieces as Castle Crashers and Alien Hominid. In 2021, during the Game Developers Choice Awards, Tom Fulp got the Award for being a pioneer in the flash games industry.


Now, you know who can be roughly considered the author of the first flash game. And although this fact is constantly disputed by other game manufacturers, you can believe the info that we provided in the article. This is quite an interesting topic. If you like to delve into the history of the creation of computer games, we advise you to study this issue in more detail.