2021 Update
LGBTQ+ Character List

Welcome to our updated LGBTQ+ character list!

Please note this list will be updated once a year.


Astoria: Fate's Kiss & Astoria: Lost Kisses

Heroine (she/her, bisexual)

Medusa (she/her, lesbian) - romanceable

Alex Cyprin (they/them, non-binary, queer) - romanceable

Persephone (she/her, pansexual)

Charybdis (she/her, pansexual)

Chimera Prime (she/her, queer)

Scylla (she/her, lesbian)

Eryn (she/her, lesbian)

Stheno (she/her, bisexual)

Euryale (she/her, lesbian)

Aphrodite (she/her, Goddess Of Love, queer)

Nyela (she/her, bisexual)

Eagle Sanders (he/him, bisexual)

Ladon (he/him, queer)

Robin (they/them, non-binary, questioning)

Josh (he/him, aromantic, asexual)

Astoria Heroine’s Mom (she/her, bisexual)

May Chan (she/her, pansexual)

Megara (she/her, bisexual)

Arachne (she/her, lesbian)

Athena (she/her, aromantic, asexual)

Gangsters in Love

Heroine (she/her, bisexual)

Aurora James (she/her, lesbian) - romanceable

Skylar Locke (she/her, bisexual)

Amelia Wu (she/her, bisexual)

Castaway! Love's Adventure

Heroine (she/her, bisexual)

Serena Zhang (she/her, lesbian) - romanceable

Clyde Hughes (he/him, bisexual) - romanceable

Joaquin Ortega (he/him, pansexual) - romanceable

Olivia Rossi (she/her, lesbian)

Love & Legends

Heroine (she/her, bisexual)

Iseul Idreis (he/him, pansexual) - romanceable

Altea Bellerose (she/her, lesbian) - romanceable

Helena Klein (she/her, lesbian) - romanceable

Sophie Lawrence & Solaire Lightwing (she/her, pansexual)

Ryland Goldhart (he/him, bisexual)

Imohn Idreis (they/them, non-binary, aromantic, asexual)

Ishara Idreis (she/her, pansexual)

Witch Queen (she/her, bisexual)

Mireille Mercier (she/her, lesbian)

Lisette Hallis-Falke (she/her, lesbian)

Della Falke (she/her, bisexual)

Heloise Falke (she/her, questioning)

Caligo Hawkeye (he/him, pansexual)

Amelia (she/her, queer)

Speakeasy Tonight

Heroine (she/her, bisexual)

Sofia Martinez (she/her, bisexual) - romanceable

Fryderyka aka Freddie (she/her, lesbian)

Evelyn Moy (she/her, lesbian)

Elliot Graham (he/him, bisexual)

Starship Promise

Heroine (she/her, bisexual)

Nova (she/her, lesbian) - romanceable

Zhora Leonis (she/her, pansexual) - romanceable

Alien Heroine (she/her, bisexual)

Jessa Flexand (she/her, lesbian) - romanceable

Gamma (they/them, queer)

Dr. Xendalia (she/her, lesbian)

Wyst Pochny (she/her, queer)

Kora Thale (she/her, lesbian)

Roux Caldera (they/them, queer)

Astrid Moon (she/her, queer)

Keda Meridian (she/her, asexual biromantic)

Alma Reyes (she/her, lesbian) 

Typho Ardas (she/her, lesbian)

Ollton Flexand (he/him, pansexual)

Davi Chea (she/her, bixsexual)

To Love & Protect

Heroine (she/her, bisexual)

Ellis Cooper (he/him, pansexual) - romanceable

Madison Lane (she/her, lesbian) - romanceable

Cal Egret (she/her, lesbian)

Kashvi Dabral (she/her, lesbian)

Havenfall is for Lovers

Heroine (she/her, bisexual)

Mackenzie Hunt (she/her, lesbian) - romanceable

Jordan 'JD' Davies (they/them, queer) - romanceable

Razi Nassar (he/him, pansexual) - romanceable

Vanessa Helsing (she/her, lesbian) - romanceable

Antonio Vasquez (he/him, bisexual) - romanceable

Annabelle Sheppard (she/her, bisexual)

Damien Rider (he/him, bisexual)

Grace (she/her, bisexual)

Gwen Doran (she/her, pansexual)

Hikari Hayashi (she/her, pansexual)

Mothman (they/them, bigender, queer)

Roshni Nassar (she/her, pansexual)

Liliane Labasque (she/her, lesbian)

Evangelina Vasquez (she/her, trans, heterosexual)

Rahim Nassar (he/him, gay)

Levana Helsing (she/her, asexual biromantic)

John Lapin (he/him, asexual biromantic)

Nessie (she/her, pansexual)

Baphomet (they/them, queer)


Villainous Nights

Heroine (she/her, bisexual)

Andi Kim (she/her, lesbian) - romanceable

Renzei Feng (he/him, pansexual) - romanceable

Lorelei Linden (she/her, lesbian) - romanceable


Robin (they/them, queer)

Miguel Santos (he/him, gay)

Scarlet Brighid (she/her, lesbian)

Juliette (she/her, pansexual)

Dahlia London (she/her, bisexual)

Ezekiel Dorian (he/him, pansexual)

Sweet Enchantments

Heroine (she/her, bisexual)

Runa Amberthorne (she/her, lesbian) - romanceable

Zain Blackwood (he/him, bisexual) - romanceable

Liora Skyheart (she/her, lesbian) - romanceable

Emeril Everbloom (she/her, demisexual lesbian) - romanceable

New Heroine (she/her, bisexual)

Nysa Dawnvale (she/her, pansexual) - romanceable

Kamila Rosenchild (she/her, bisexual) 

Zola Knightbrand (she/her, lesbian)

Mr. Pondworthy (he/him, gay)

Silvain Wintertide (he/him, pansexual)

Elyscia Volalin (she/her, asexual biromantic)

Axia Bloodsparrow (she/her, pansexual)

Marcel Everbloom (he/him, trans, gay)

Thaddeus Moore (he/him, gay)


Queen of Thieves

MC (she/her, bisexual)

Nikolai Stirling (he/him, demisexual pansexual) -romanceable

Vivienne Tang (she/her, lesbian)  -romanceable

Remy Chevalier (he/him, bisexual)  -romanceable

Zoe Banks (she/her, lesbian)  -romanceable

Jett Slater (he/him, bisexual) -romanceable

Jace (they/them, queer)

Ariana Nassar (she/her, lesbian)

Daisa Khoury (she/her, bisexual)

Raveena Patel (she/her, demisexual)

Clemance Bardot (she/her, bisexual)

Claudia Ribeiro (she/her, bisexual)

Domino (she/her, lesbian)

Inez Serrano (she/her, bisexual)

Nadia (she/her, lesbian)

Penny (she/her, pansexual)

Casimir Vederevsky (he/him, gay)

Benoit Dupont (he/him, gay)

Sin With Me

Heroine (she/her, bisexual)

Wrath (she/her, lesbian) - romanceable

Onyx Wren (she/her, bisexual) - romanceable

Malakai Collins (he/him, demisexual) - romanceable

Yvette Holte (she/her, lesbian) - romanceable

Nahara (she/her, bisexual demisexual) - romanceable

Ripley (she/her, lesbian)

Vinca (she/her, lesbian)

Nero (he/him, pansexual)

Nitsa (she/her, lesbian)

Sage (she/her, lesbian)

Trudy Goode (she/her, pansexual)

Cristal (they/them, queer)


Reigning Passions

Heroine (she/her, bisexual)

Amara (she/her, lesbian) - romanceable

Sevastian (he/him, pansexual) - romanceable

Lyris (he/him, pansexual) - romanceable

Xenia (she/her, bisexual) - romanceable

Galen (they/them, queer) - romanceable

Piama (she/her, pansexual) - romanceable

Hazel (she/her, trans, lesbian)

Edera (she/her, bisexual)

Safir (she/her, lesbian)

Hortensia (she/her, bisexual)

Nisse (she/her, bisexual)

Thea (she/her, lesbian)

Rosie (she/her, bisexual)

Ruelle (she/her, bisexual)

Fetch (he/him, pansexual)

Mako (she/her, lesbian)

Drawn Together

MC (she/her, bisexual)

Tess (she/her, pansexual)


3 Tattoos

MC (she/her, bisexual)

Pride Month 2017

Emily Verma (she/her, lesbian)

Codename Shield (she/her, bisexual)


Halloween 2017

Heroine (she/her, bisexual)

Wendy Li (she/her, lesbian)


Ever After Academy 

MC (she/her, bisexual)

MC (he/him, gay)

MC - Darla (she/her, lesbian)

Nora (she/her, lesbian) - romanceable

Lucas (he/him, gay) - romanceable

Arin (they/them, queer) - romanceable

Abel (he/him, gay) - romanceable

Lavinia (she/her, bisexual) - romanceable

Josephine (she/her, bisexual) - romanceable 

Edward (he,him, pansexual)

Jackie (she/her, trans, lesbian)

Dr. James Tutorea (he/him, bisexual)


Tales of the Wild

Della (she/her, bisexual)
MC (she/her, bisexual)

Revi (she/her, lesbian) - romanceable

Bram (he/him, bisexual) - romanceable

Evina (she/her, lesbian) - romanceable

Maeve (she/her, bisexual)

Rae (she/her, lesbian)

Arella (she/her, bisexual)

Kole (he/him, bisexual)


Wicked Lawless Love

MC (she/her, bisexual)

Cecelia (she/her, bisexual) - romancable

Fiona (she/her, lesbian) - romanceable

Ada (she/her, bisexual)

Belle (she/her, lesbian)

Diana (she/her, lesbian)
Sunmok (she/her, lesbian)


Immortal Heart Society

MC (she/her, bisexual)
MC (he/him, gay)

Alanna (she/her, lesbian) - romanceable

Emilio (he/him, gay) - romanceable

Kiran (she/her, queer)

Rafe (he/him, pansexual)

Arabella (she/her, bisexual)


My Siren Crush

MC (she/her, bisexual) 

Arianna (she/her, lesbian) - romanceable 

Lexi (she/her, lesbian) - romanceable

Trina (she/her, bisexual)

Dawn (they/them, pansexual)

Camilla (she/her, bisexual)

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