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1. General Rules:

  • 1 entry per person regardless of submission type

  • Single-authored entries only (no co-written or co-drawn entries)

  • Participants must submit their own original work (not done by someone else)

  • Entries must fit the given theme

  • Those who participate must understand and agree to their submissions to be publicly posted on our website with credits

  • Entries should not contain any offensive or inappropriate content. The following are prohibited:

    • NSFW content

    • Promoting dangerous or unsafe activities

    • Endorsing any form of hate or hate group

  • Entries should not contain any copyrighted characters or works of any other franchise or series other than Lovestruck

  • All written submissions must be in English

  • Any entries that do not follow the guidelines and instructions will be disqualified

  • Please note that we will not use any ideas that are submitted to fanhearts. Any similarities to any entries seen in Lovestruck are purely coincidental and are not evidence of any usage of any ideas from any entries

  • Submission to Fanhearts grants Lovestruck and Voltage Entertainment the right to share the works for promotional or public usage


2. Instructions:

There are 2 categories of submissions: Art and Poetry. Please keep in mind that a participant can only submit under 1 category per month.

Submissions for the both categories should be drawn or written according to the monthly theme.

  • Art

    • Traditional or digital artwork

      • Traditional style submissions should be photographed clearly and submitted as the size specified below

    • Dimensions of submissions should be no larger than 1400x1400 (square resolution) at 72 dpi

    • While we encourage artistic creativity, we must be able to visually tell that the characters you've drawn are ours! If you change them too much (e.g. draw them as animals, completely cover their faces, change their hair color/style completely, etc.), your entry may not be counted.


  • Poetry

    • Submission must be 3~20 lines

    • Submission must be under 250 words in total

    • Submission should be an image with max dimensions of 1400x1400 (square resolution) at 72 dpi


3. Submission

In order to submit your work, you must first post your submission on Tumblr, Twitter, or Facebook and tag @lovestruckvoltage/@lovestruckgame. Once the post is created, please fill out the form below with: 


  • Your name

  • The email address you are registered within the Lovestruck app. You can register an email address by going to the gear icon in the top right corner of the app’s homescreen.

  • The email at which you'd like us to contact you. If this is the same as your registered email, please type the same email again.

  • A link to your tagged post. Please remember to link the post, not the image!

  • Tell us the character(s) in your work(s)


Once we are able to view and verify your submission, we will email you and let you know that your submission has been received.

4. Winners:


  • 10 hearts will be given to participants

  • 100 hearts will be given for winners

  • We will showcase the top 3 submissions from each category

5. Deadline:

This month's submission period ends on Friday, June 25th, 12pm PDT

Read and follow these instructions carefully, or you will be ineligible for hearts.

Thanks for submitting!

MAY SHOWCASE   Theme: Masquerade

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