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Content Summaries

All of us on the Lovestruck Team would like to thank you for the love and devotion you have shown us over the years. It has been our privilege and our joy to share these characters and their stories with you. We hope you got to fall in love a little bit more each time you opened the app. 


We hope that sharing some of what we planned for these characters will perhaps spark your imaginations to carry these stories in your own hearts. While this is not a comprehensive list of all of our running series, you can be assured that every single route ends on a happily ever after...after all, this is Lovestruck!


Alanna Mckenna

Heroine assures Alanna that she will never resent Alanna for saving her life. They realize they traveled to the exact night Alanna decided to ghost Heroine. Alanna wants to warn herself not to, but Heroine cautions her: everything they went through brought them together again. Back in the present, Richard's leadership is turning into a reign of terror. As they plan to defeat Richard, they realize that they are gaining a new set of memories: Richard is in the 1930s trying to change the past so he finds the ritual himself. Racing against time, they do the ritual to make a power stone. Their triumph is cut short as Heroine receives a text from Hero, warning them that the newly created power stone has acted like a beacon leading Richard to the Inner Circle's secret sanctum in the Tower. With Hero's help, they escape. Locked out of their sanctuary, hunted by Richard, Heroine chooses to revisit some terrible memories, time traveling to her family's summer house before she burnt it down. There they learn that Heroine and Hero's mother was researching a ritual to transfer Society leadership to blood relatives. Heroine is ready to become leader, but Alanna and Hero convince Heroine to share the burden and power. Heroine, having finally learned to trust and be open to help, agrees. They face off against Richard in a fierce battle. The ritual is cast and Heroine and Hero become the Society Leader, and Richard withers into dust. On the night of the victory they've waited centuries for, Alanna proposes to Heroine. They move into the old family house after a symbolic redecoration to reclaim the past and future. Heroine left Boston because she had to, and now she wants to build a life there with Alanna. After all, they have forever...


Rafe Marzano (Female MC)

Rafe and Heroine head to 1930s Los Angeles to prevent a murderous dinner party held by Rafe's cousin, Gaspare. Their plan to avert the party goes awry when Rafe threatens Gaspare at knifepoint to save Heroine's life, weakening his position of trust. Faced with the reality of Heroine's mortality, Rafe entreats her to become immortal. She refuses, but they come closer than they ever have to sleeping together. As Heroine steps into her power in order to position herself to take down the Society, she makes the choice to live for herself. She and Rafe finally break the pact, deepening their relationship at the worst possible timing as Richard returns and exposes Rafe's duplicity. Rafe's family vows to destroy him. While Rafe grapples with the true depth of his love for Heroine, Heroine begins to embrace the darker side in earnest, shedding her guilt in the face of her father's true evil. Heroine becomes immortal, giving a new dimension to her relationship with Rafe and forcing them to confront the emotional truth of it. Heroine's descent into darkness has captured her father's eye - she is everything he dreamed she'd be. But when Richard asks her to be his heir Heroine refuses, vowing to use everything she's learned to bring Richard down. Side by side with the man who has accepted her for all that she is, Heroine works to destroy those who threaten them. It all culminates when Heroine finally puts on the accuracy improving power stone, and kills Richard with Rafe's knife, the final piece of the puzzle. While the Clubhouse burns, they make love in the ashes. Then they set out to prove that they have a life worth living together forever...


Rafe Marzano (Male MC)

Hero and Rafe meet at a bar and have an incredible one night stand. When they meet again at the Society party, Hero wonders if Rafe knew his identity but Rafe says he had suspicions but chose to maintain plausible deniability. Rafe wants Hero to infiltrate the Society to destroy it from within but Hero can't bring himself to play that role. They will find another way! Hero has a clear sense of right and wrong, and struggles with the discrepancy between their morality. Hero refuses Rafe's invitation to sleep together again as he is trying to resist catching feelings for Rafe. Eventually, Hero reaches the end of his self-restraint, and invites Rafe to bed. Rafe, struggling with his own feelings, declines. He's trying to figure out why it matters so much if Hero disapproves of his methods. When Rafe has to do something terrible despite Hero begging him not to, Hero's reaction makes Rafe realize that he  is in love with Hero. Hero decides to go back to LA, despite his feelings for Rafe, when Richard reappears! Hero decides to get close to Richard and convince him to give up his evil deeds. Rafe inserts himself in Richard's orbit - even if Hero is upset at him, he needs to protect Hero. Rafe proves how much he cares for Hero, while Hero realizes how truly irredeemable his father is. Rafe finally realizes why Richard didn't raise his children according to Legacy tradition: Richard plans to sacrifice Hero in a ritual to gain ultimate power. They exchange I love yous.  Rafe offers to kill Richard for Hero, but Hero doesn't want that. This would make them just as bad as Richard. He wants to take Richard down in a way that he can live with. During the final showdown Rafe gives up the opportunity to kill Richard, wanting to be a man Hero would be proud of. When Richard dies anyway Rafe wonders if his choice didn't matter in the end, but Hero says that for eternity Rafe will know that instead of choosing murder he decided to save somone because people are worth saving no matter what. 

Emilio Espinoza

Hero and Emilio are together, and navigating their new relationship, when to his surprise, Hero gets a very familiar envelope in the mail: a birthday card from Richard with a single line: see you soon, my boy! While the Inner Circle try to figure out what this means, and what to expect with Richard’s apparent intent to return to Boston and to Hero’s life, Richard shows up while Emilio is trying to pull out all the stops for a romantic birthday celebration for Hero. Richard sits down at the table, like 'I don't know why you're so surprised, son. I sent that card.' Emilio is like, not only is the villain back but he messed up the first romantic gesture I've done in two centuries. Hero and the others realize that Richard was going to sacrifice Hero in a ritual. That's why he tried to re-connect  through the birthday cards, so he would always be keeping tabs on Hero, leaving the door open to ingratiate himself back into Hero's life. Emilio helps Hero to work through his disillusionment and keep his sunshine Hero's hope and optimism alive. Hero has reawakened Emilio's passion for life and he wants to return the favor every single day. Together they manage to bring down Richard and rebuild the Society in the image that Emilio had in the very beginning.


Cash Tarkhan

Heroine agrees to become leader of the Society, but learns that Cash still plans to put in his own bid for leadership. Cash and Heroine set down parameters for their rivalry and finally address their mutual attraction. They decide to sleep together, creating a space where they can be vulnerable and trust each other to be fully transparent. The Society will set three tasks to determine the leader. Cash and Heroine travel back to her family's summer house where Cash helps her work through her past via a cathartic love scene. They find the power stones they seek, which Heroine makes into a necklace, promising to give it to the Society when she becomes leader. When the second task puts Hero in danger, the search for a loophole brings Cash face to face with past actions he deeply regrets, and he chooses not to change them. Cash's solution seems to go beyond their established parameters, but Cash reveals that his goal was to protect Heroine from having to sacrifice Hero on the altar of her ambition. He doesn't want her to become like him. The leadership race is a tie, but Cash confesses his love in the deepest way possible: offering to throw everything he's got behind Heroine's leadership bid. He knows in his heart that she can be the leader the Society needs. The final task is so morally repugnant Cash offers to do for Heroine: he's done so much he's not proud of; he doesn't want that for her. Heroine couldn't ask him to do that for her because she loves him too. She has a counter-offer: they will become leaders together. Standing side by side as true allies, they vow to work to remake the Society the way it should be...


Abel Hawthorn the Woodsman

Abel has been cursed with the same contract that bound the Tin Man to kill Hero and Heroine. But Hero believes they can overcome the curse together and they renew their vows to each other. Abel can’t let Hero go, curse or not. But, a mysterious green fog claws its way across campus, draining magic everywhere it goes. The rush to cure the trees increases as they discover Arin is dying from their connection. Hero learns to wield axes from Abel and to use magic from Nora. In return, Hero teaches Abel how to cook. To everyone’s horror, they find the green fog was sent by the Wizard as it takes over the Labyrinth! Hero discovers that fixing the lighthouse lamp has to be from his own magic. As the fog gains power, everyone begins to see creepy magical illusions of their fears. In the finale, the fog is strong enough to possess Abel’s body and Hero must fight him. But in the end, it’s love--not power--that saves them both. Breaking the spell on Hero helps break the curse on Abel at the last minute through love. 

For the remaining seasons, trust, loyalty, and ‘love as an answer’ were to be the main themes. Hero fixes the lamp as he retakes his Light Keeper role and becomes an unofficial Woodsman. Abel becomes an efficient cook and confidently faces down all his past enemies. They continue on many adventures in both realms, often able to fulfill their separate duties together. Eventually, Abel is given his own, unique title from the White Queen and becomes his own boss, employing dedicated Woodsmen around the world. This gives him more time with Hero where they raise orphaned children together.

Lavinia the Ice Queen

The mystery of Lavinia's parentage is revealed. She was born to Titania, the queen of the Summer Fae Court and the most powerful of the Fae. Titania loved her daughter for a time, but Lavinia was half human and Titania also realized that Lavinia could grow up to be a threat to her. So she had Lavinia left in the snow to freeze. Lavinia has no memory of her early days among the Fae, but she does remember doing anything she could to survive...and she does remember that magic came to her naturally. When Lavinia came into her full power, she caught the attention of Titania who at first wondered who this new queen was...and then realized it was the daughter she tried to abandon. 

We planned on spending the rest of Lavinia's route delving into the topics of betrayal and love and Lavinia would grapple with both her struggle for power (which has always been her way of self preservation) and her own sense of morality. After finding out she is the daughter of her worst enemy and a universal villain, she will also struggle with who she is as a person. Titania will try many tactics to either destroy Lavinia or make Lavinia give away her power. Ultimately, it will be the grounding love of Heroine that will help Lavinia through this difficult time. They will break the spell on Heroine and defeat Titania and her Fae Court. Lavinia will choose Ezra to rule as regent in her kingdom while she travels with Heroine while she works as the Path Finder. When Heroine and Lavinia's child grows up, that child will become the Path Finder. Heroine and Lavinia will return to Lavinia's Ice realm and rule as equals.  

lavinia_color copy.png

Arin Langdon the Guardian

The final challenge is interrupted by the arrival of Wilhelm Grimm, one of the Brothers Grimm. Heroine is able to use her magic to turn the tide in the fight against Wilhelm, and in doing so finds a way to use the magic of the Path create paths and to open portals between this world and the magical realm. The clash with Wilhelm culminates in the temporary defeat of Wilhelm, but in the death of Dr. James Tutorea. As he dies he gives Heroine a ring that matches the one she wears. Fergus also sees the error of his ways and withdrawals from the competition. It is decided the best thing the group can do is find a way to travel to the magical realm and go to the Red and White Queens as James was doing to get the seeds. 

Arin and Heroine are then confronted with a problem that they will have to deal with the rest of their lives: that Heroine's place as the Path Finder is in the magical realm and Arin's is in the Library. Over the course of the rest of the seasons we would break the spell on Heroine and have Heroine and Arin grow in their magic together as well as in their love. They would wear matching rings that magically create a space between the worlds where time stops for just the two of them where they can be together whenever they want for as long as they want. In this way they can fulfill their duties but also be together. Before Heroine goes into the magical realm, they have a wedding that solidifies their union. Heroine and Arin will eventually retire from their roles and pass them down to their children. 


Antares Fairchild

Antares enslists Alien Heroine’s help to investigate the Empire and they soon get enmeshed in a conspiracy. As they work, it becomes harder to deny the physical attraction and romantic feelings growing between them. They learn that Commodore Bazirg, Antares’ commanding officer, is plotting a coup to overthrow the Emperor! To save the Emperor, Antares and Alien Heroine finally resolve their trust issues with each other and celebrate the moment with a genuine kiss. But their plan comes too late and they witness Bazirg assassinate the Emperor and take the throne.


Antares and Alien Heroine are forced to flee and Antares faces a crisis - if he is no longer an Empire captain, then who is he? Bolstered by Alien Heroine’s support, Antares realizes that there is only one option - to save the Empire and its values, Antares will need to defeat Bazirg and name himself Emperor. They launch a plan to depose Bazirg and just before the final push, Antares pulls Alien Heroine aside and tells her that all this time he’s been giving her challenges  to try and prove to himself that she couldn’t be a good fit for him. But Heroine exceeded his expectations at every opportunity and he can’t deny it any longer. He loves her and she is the only woman in the entire galaxy who can hold her own in the face of his drive and ambition. Alien Heroine realizes that she loves him, too. She loves the challenge he poses and how he wants to make the galaxy a better place. She promises that she will do whatever it takes to support him in that. They defeat Bazirg and restore order within the Empire. Antares names himself Emperor and asks Alien Heroine to be his Empress. He needs his clever dragonet by his side.


Nova and Alien Heroine continue to investigate Nova’s past, as well as their burgeoning romance. They discover Gamma, another person with superhuman powers and memories that are not their own. After gaining Gamma’s trust, Nova and Alien Heroine learn about Dr. Xendalia, a scientist working on a secret project for the Empire. She welcomes Nova and Gamma with open arms - she’s so happy that her children have returned! And Beta is there, too, having been rescued by Dr. X. Nova is excited to have finally found her family, but is devastated when she learns that she, Beta, and Gamma are superhumans created as living weapons for the Empire. And, in fact, Nova’s real name is Alpha. Nova worries that there’s no way she and Alien Heroine can be together when she was only created to destroy. Alien Heroine assures Nova that she is so much more than what she was created for; she is kind and generous and is loved by the Promise crew...and by Alien Heroine. She loves Nova so very much and wants to help Nova through this. Nova tells Alien Heroine that she loves her too, and they share a magical night together.

Nova is ready to return to the Promise when she and Alien Heroine discover that Dr. X used the Empire’s resources to create Nova and her siblings to take over the galaxy herself! Nova convinces Gamma and Beta to go against Dr. X and stop her army of new superhumans. Only after stopping the threat of Dr. X are Nova and Alien Heroine able to begin their lives together. Nova realizes that she had the found family she needed all along, the Promise crew, and that the love she and Alien Heroine share will be the happiness she hardly dared hope for.


Evina Arwel

It’s a race against time for Evina to unravel the deadly spell Aghata cast on Heroine. Aghata wishes Tallav to be a wild place unspoiled by bipeds, and is using the imbalance within Heroine to separate all Dinae from their own animal forms. Now, more than ever, Evina and Heroine need to find Heroine’s missing animal form to save Tallav, as well as any chance of being together. With the help of their friends from all over Tallav, Evina and MC uncover a secret. The ailment that sweeped Tallav twenty cycles ago could only be cured by temporally separating Dinae from their animal forms, a secret the clan leaders guarded fiercely. Evina and Heroine uncover that not only did Aghata create this ailment, but that she also interrupted the ritual before Heroine and her animal form could be rejoined! She’s why Heroine was cast out of Tallav! Evina exposes Aghata to the clan leaders and is relieved when Arella realizes that the Ayla had kept Heroine’s animal form all this time! They rejoin Heroine with her animal form to discover that she is a Hreinn, of the Deer Clan like Aghata. Heroine worries that Evina can’t love her now, but Evina assures her that it doesn’t matter which clan Heroine came from, because they are two exiles in their own clan together. With the spell weakened, Evina and Heroine bring together the clans to defeat Aghata and save Tallav! Evina is offered membership back into the Ayla clan, but says that she prefers to be free of clan structure. She and Heroine together found a small community of Dinae from every clan who travel Tallav together, working with the clans to maintain balance. Evina and Heroine forge their own way and can finally spend the rest of their lives together. 



Rion and Heroine continue to work cases together while Heroine pursues a promotion to Fledgling. Rion slowly opens up more to Heroine as he becomes more comfortable around her. She learns that he spent time in juvie and was a troublemaker before joining D.I.V.A.A.. He never committed a serious crime, but he would cause havoc for fun. The heroine is okay with Rion's past, but Rion has trouble accepting who he used to be. They discover that his half-brother is responsible for a string of heinous crimes, which forces Rion and Heroine to talk about their feelings as they support each other. The heroine finds breadcrumbs about her father who is in fact missing. Rion reveals that her dad was one of the key reasons he gave up his wilder ways and joined D.I.V.A.A.. Rion and Heroine manage to stop Rion's half-brother and apprehend him, and through doing that, find Heroine's dad who's been imprisoned by a powerful criminal syndicate. The heroine helps Rion finally accept his past, and Heroine finds closure with her career and family. The heroine earns her promotion to Fledgling and officially becomes Rion's partner. They finally admit that they love each other, and become two of the best investigators at D.I.V.A.A..



Korin tells Heroine that she's not ready to date yet because she has a lot of issues in her personal life that she's taking care of. The heroine is understanding but disappointed. Dom partners Korin and Heroine together on a special assignment, and the pair continue to flirt and tease each other as their bond deepens. The heroine supports Korin and encourages her to take care of herself and not always focus on others. This inspires Korin to do things she likes, including going on a date with Heroine. They begin dating while solving more cases, and Heroine discovers that Korin's sister has been comatose because she was a bystander in a shootout, and Korin has been taking care of her at the hospital. Korin allows her mentor demeanor to slip further as Heroine proves she can be a resilient and supportive partner while Korin helps Heroine find her dad. They are okay expressing their love for each other, but Korin's focus on caring for others and Heroine's focus on her career and finding her dad prevent them from taking things farther. They manage to find and apprehend the people responsible for the shootout that hurt Korin's sister, and also find Heroine's dad. Korin and Heroine agree to let their relationship grow and move in with each other. 


Xenia of the Autumn

With Heroine’s leadership and Xenia’s guidance, the peace summit resolves with the selection of Nisse as a permanent addition to the Council, to represent the needs and concerns of the Wilderfolk. The Sivi, in no small part to Ernesta’s kindness and Xenia’s accomplishments, are more accepted among the people. Heroine’s rule becomes a time of peace and prosperity. Yet still, darkness from the necromantic ritual lingers within Xenia, battling with the light magic Heroine used to save her. They seek assistance from Danilo who tells Xenia she must let go of her self-hatred, but Xenia believes she has done too much harm in the world to be forgiven. Heroine implores Xenia to take heed of Danilo’s warning and reminds Xenia of her unending love. Heroine wants to be with Xenia forever, no matter what that looks like for them. Whatever future Xenia dreams of, is what Heroine wants too. They begin to discuss the possibility of children. The darkness in Xenia lessens further when Danilo tells her that Val wouldn’t want her to live this way – he would want her to be happy. Xenia and Heroine then visit the Autumn Temple, where Xenia begs final forgiveness from the dead. She cannot carry the burden of guilt any longer. She wants happiness and a future with Heroine. She… deserves it. The final darkness releases from her and she feels lighter than she has in years. She pulls Heroine into her arms and thanks her, again and again, with words and kisses. They exchange marriage vows in front of a small group of their friends. Formally, Xenia stays Heroine’s Mistress of Spies, but it is a well-known and accepted secret that the two are a pair bound by love – and not long after, by family.

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