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Choose your ideal romance and enjoy the love you’ve always wanted to in this unique visual romance novel game! Find a story that captures your heart and decide who you want to fall in love with from a selection of 50 unique characters!

Content Summaries

All of us on the Lovestruck Team would like to thank you for the love and devotion you have shown us over the years. It has been our privilege and our joy to share these characters and their stories with you. We hope you got to fall in love a little bit more each time you opened the app. 


We hope that sharing some of what we planned for these characters will perhaps spark your imaginations to carry these stories in your own hearts. While this is not a comprehensive list of all of our running series, you can be assured that every single route ends on a happily ever after...after all, this is Lovestruck!

Immortal Heart Society


Summoned by a strange invitation, you find yourself at the center of a shadowy secret society. Join the time-traveling inner circle and discover a world of obscure rituals, family skeletons, and timeless love.

Ever After Academy


You love to escape into fairytale romances between your university classes, but what will happen when your favorite fairytale characters escape into your world...and are everything you could have wished for!

Tales of the Wild


Discover Tallav, a secret land of myth and magic. Its shifter clans will show you their beautiful and wild home while you weave your own tale of love and adventure.

Wicked Lawless Love


On a frontier ruled by monsters and ghouls, there's nowhere for an outlaw to run...but right into their embrace...

Reigning Passions


A mysterious summons takes you from a village barmaid to a...Princess? Discover who you're meant to be in a world of swords, crowns, and dangerous whispers.

Queen of Thieves


Being a starving artist isn’t so romantic, until you're swept up in a heist by the Gilded Poppy: the world's most infamous thieves!

Sin with Me


Fall into a world of danger, pleasure, and vice with the Seven Deadly Sins.

Discover your passionate romance lurking in the shadows.

Sweet Enchantments


Desserts are just the icing on the cake when you stumble upon an enchanted cafe! When all your coworkers are magicians, it's not hard to fall under their spell...

Havenfall is for Lovers

Vampires, Werewolves, and Demons, oh my! Find your Supernatural Soulmate in this mysterious and exciting story!

Love & Legends

Destiny takes you from your everyday life to a world of swords and sorcery!

Now you must tie your fate to one of seven fantasy heroes.

Lovestruck Shorts


Short stories about love, friendship and adventure that are just the right size to brighten your day, tug at your heartstrings or leave you just a little thirsty.

Starship Promise

Explore the universe and discover a galaxy of love in this exciting

spacefaring romance set far in the future!

Gangsters in Love

The most dangerous and sexy gang in Los Angeles is after you… and your heart!

Villainous Nights

In a world of super-powered humans, you find yourself with a group of powerful Super Villains and discover that love can bloom even in the darkest of nights.

Astoria: Fate's Kiss

The fate of the world will change with just one kiss! Fall in love with the Gods

and Monsters of Greek Mythology!

Castaway! Love's Adventure

A pleasure cruise gone wrong leaves you stranded on a remote island with

5 Sexy Strangers!

To Love & Protect

One minute you are a normal college student, the next, you are the secret love child of the President of the United States!

Speakeasy Tonight

Enjoy the glamorous but dangerous world of a speakeasy filled with illegal booze, hot jazz, and even hotter romance!

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