5 Best Game Streaming Services for 2022

Game streaming services have been gradually conquering the online gaming world. Millions of users worldwide don’t purchase expensive gaming hardware to enjoy their favorite products. They prefer buying subscriptions or online services and playing the trendiest games from any place they wish. In this post, we have made a brief overview of the top 5 game streaming services in 2022.

Nvidia GeForce Now

It is one of the most popular streaming services for online games now. The service was officially released to the world gaming audience in February 2020. The company`s data centers are located in Europe, North America, and Australia. Nvidia GeForce Now is ideally compatible with macOS, all Nvidia Shield devices, Android, Windows PC, Chrome OS, and iOS. Currently, it provides gamers with more than 600 games from the top developers. The paid subscription costs from $8–10 per month.

PlayStation Now

PlayStation Now is one of the largest services that provide the best quality video games upon subscription. It was officially launched in North America in 2014 and Europe in 2016. Players can utilize cloud gaming services using their PlayStations 2-5 as well as Windows PC. The minimum monthly paid subscription costs $18. As of 2022, this game streaming service provides over 850 games. Almost 300 of them can be uploaded to PlayStations 4-5. The service is now available in North America, Japan, and Europe.

Google Stadia

It is another popular cloud gaming service. Google Stadia was first launched in November 2019. It is a cross-platform service. So, you can play your favorite games online using your Android TV devices, Chrome browser, etc. In 2022, Google Stadia offers more than 200 perfectly animated games. The Pro membership of this game streaming service monthly price is $10.

Amazon Luna

This cloud gaming service is currently operated by Amazon. It was first released in October 2021. Unfortunately, now, the service is available for those players who currently reside in the United States. Overall, Amazon Luna features more than 100 video games of the highest quality. The service is perfectly integrated with Twitch. Now, it is available for iOS and Mac devices, as well as for Windows PC and Amazon Fire TV. To use Amazon Luna, a player should pay only $6 monthly.


Twitch started to operate in 2011. It is the oldest live streaming service focused on video gaming products. The service is available for gamers from all countries. Twitch has recently become extremely popular in the gamers` community since it broadcasts live Esports competitions. The prices for the monthly subscription are $5, $10, and $25 depending on the chosen features.

To sum up

To enhance your gambling habits significantly, it is recommended to use one of the mentioned streaming services for online games. It is better to try them all one by one to check out which features suit you the best. Anyway, whatever service from our top-5 list you choose, you will undoubtedly have a great gaming experience.